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Welcome to the Grace and Glory Listening Center

All four of the Bible College classes are here for you to listen to as well as an archive of past sermons. 
The workbook associated with each class is also available and can be found on each class page or on the Wordbook page.

The four courses being offered are:

Synthesis Class

Synthesis course is a comprehensive study of the Old Testament showing much of Paul’s gospel to the Church, which is hidden in types and shadows.
It begins in Genesis and basically covers all the Old Testament with the exception of the prophets. We study 16 Messianic psalms relating to Christ. In the New Testament the four gospels are studied from a comparative point of view. Finally, we look at Hebrews and James.

Exposition Class

Exposition is an intricate study of Paul’s epistles to the Church. It shows Paul’s very unique place as the apostle for this age, and uncovers many mysteries which were “hid from ages and generations but now is made manifest to His saints.” Col. 1:26. This course covers all of Paul’s writings with the exception of Hebrews, Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.

Prophecy Class

Prophecy begins with a look at the Seven ages or dispensations into which God divided the history of mankind. Next we study the Three Great Mountain Peaks of Prophecy.
Daniel and Revelation are studied in great detail. Matthew 24 and 25 are also covered as a bridge between Daniel and Revelation.

Doctrine Class (Note: Doctrine Class is offered as recordings only)

Doctrine course examines such doctrines as God, man, the fall of man, Redemption, Atonement, The Holy Spirit, Divine Worship, Justification, Sanctification along with many, many others. It continues with the beginnings of the church in the book of Acts and concludes with the study of 1st and 2nd Timothy.

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